"Crossing the Rubicon"

"Crossing the Rubicon"

Nov. 6, 2015

 As we move into the Winter season, the North Wind, i realize i am about halfway through my time in prison. This is a rather inspiring notion, as the time is passing swiftly.
 I have been quite blessed throughout this time, in terms of support and circumstance, in more ways than i know. This has been an incredible learning experience for me, albeit often to my detriment. i am often reminded of the Johnny Cash line, about prison making him "a wiser, weaker man."
 And then there is the Italian love song which states "the flower of youth dies in prison."
 There is much truth to this. And the prison does not end at the walls of these facilities.

 Alas, i have a few requests. First i want to extend my thanks to all the love i've recieved in the form of books and reading material over the years, and in terms of commissary funds, letters, etc.
 My hope is that, at this halfway point, i'll be able to purchase a new pair of shoes ($70), some new underwear (about $10 for three pairs), and a new MP3 [mine has recently begun malfunctioning... ($88.40)]. Music (of my choosing) makes such a huge difference throughout the day... These are all purchases that will last me the rest of my bid. So, i feel they are worthwile investments. Please, if you can donate any money, i will be immensely grateful. Such concrete things make all the difference in my life at this point, like the difference between having coffee and going without. Prison is miserable, but these things allow us some semblance of serenity.

And if you send me any letters with return addresses, i will respond! Please be patient. i know a few folks have been waiting for some time now...

i will also be doing more writing for the interwebs soon, and if folks want me to write poems specifically crafted to them, just get in touch.

Much love,
With a gentle strength from a hard place,