June 2012

A Message From Brandon (transcribed)

A Message from the Belly of the Beast
Jun 24

Thank you everyone for your support and solidarity. Your contributions to our commisary fund and our legal fund are very much appreciated. Without your donations I wouldnt have been able to afford the paper I wrote this "thank you" on, or the postage to send it back home! your contributions have made it possible for me and my comrades to communicate with our friends, family, lawyers, support group, and a couple of publishers to request literature. I've also been buying coffee so I can stay up all night doing legal work, going through OVER 60 HOURS of FBI transcripts. I've also bought some hygiene items so I don't stink out my cellmate. The state is providing our court appointed legal team with very limited funds to do research, hire experts, print transcripts- the logistics of the entire defense, more or less. So your contributions to our legal fund may very well make the difference in us obtaining our freedom or spending our lives within the confines of the prison industrial complex. You are forever within our hearts. 

                                                   Forever in Love and Solidarity,
                                                      Brandon "Scavil" Baxter

Support growing for the Cleveland 5 across the Country!

Hello wonderful local, national, and international supporters of the Cleveland 5!!!

We have been getting amazing support from news outlets, blogs, and organizations across the country! Several groups are sharing the story of the Cleveland 5 with their networks to ask for support and donations. Check out the MEDIA COVERAGE section to see some of the new articles. If you would like information to share with your local community, please contact us (info on how in the SUPPORT page). In other great news, the Bay Area ABC is re-posting content from the Cleveland 5 Justice website to share with their community. Thanks Bay Area ABC!!! Our love and gratitude to you. Check it out here:      http://bayareaabc.wordpress.com/2012/05/21/a-website-for-the-cleveland-5...

We still need lots of support from the National Community. We have raised over $6, 000.00, but need to get to AT LEAST $60,000 ASAP to hire lawyers, Para-legals, investigators, audio experts, and other specialists! Please check out our SUPPORT section to donate, or for ideas for fundraising in your hometown!

The 5 still need letters of support, information, news, whatever you can send them! Here's some ideas: Send photos of your group that is throwing a fundraiser! Send photos of what your local occupation is doing! Send poetry! Send recent news and blog articles! Send jokes! Send bed time stories! Even if you never met any of the Cleveland 5, they would love to hear from you. See how in the SUPPORT section. And while you're there, donate to their Commissary fund, so they have paper and stamps to send you a letter back. All 5 need support and love, but Anthony and Joshua have gotten the least letters and visits :( Lets change this!

We're still currently working on posting more legal documents and information on how hearings are going. Stay tuned! More letters from the 5 on their way. 

LOTS OF LOVE AND SOLIDARITY!!                                              

-Cleveland 5 Support Network

A big THANK YOU to our supporters!

Hello wonderful, amazing, activists, supporters, friends and family. I am very pleased today to announce that we have raised a total of $ 6,135.00 in donations to our legal fund!!! Thank you all who donated or called friends and family to help our fundraising campaign. Congratulations!!! 

Unfortunately, we are still quite a long ways away from our fundraising goals. The first step is still raising $20, 000 to retain Cleveland lawyer Terry Gilbert. We will be continuing our fundraising after this for further lawyer, investigator, specialist, and court fees. We raised over $6, 000 in one week! Lets keep it up, and top this week with last week. 

Wondering how you can help? Donate! Can't donate? That's okay too. Organize your own fundraiser! Some ideas for fundraising are throwing a benefit dinner/potluck with your friends, organizing a dance party, throwing a concert, and asking your friends and families for support. 

The 5 still would love visitors and letters - the more love they get, the better! See the "Support" section for more information. 

Thanks, love, and solidarity, 

A. Lee & Cleveland 5 Support Network

Join in on the nationwide Phone-a-thon

In the wake of trying to raise funds for Connor's legal defense fund, a nationwide phone-a-thon began today at 7:00 pm and will continue until 9:00 pm tomorrow evening. Please call your friends, family, loved ones or anyone who may be prone to sharing some of their monetary resources. The support network appreciates ahead of time any and all efforts you put forward to helping Connor and the rest of the five. 

    In Solidarity,
          Cleveland 5 Support Network. 

Update on Fundraising Efforts


Hello amazing workers and supporters! We now are able to accept donations via Money Order (which is entirely anonymous), Check, Cash, and On-Line credit card donations, via Conveyor Belt Collective, who will be handling our donations for the Legal Funds. There is more information on how to donate in the "Support" page. 

This Legal Fund is being set up to get lawyer Terry Gilbert working for Connor Stevens case. Gilbert is highly experienced with cases such as these, and plans to hire experts and investigators to work on the case. 

We have set up a WePay Fundraising site, on which our goal is to raise $35,000.00 for Lawyers fees, experts, and investigators. All of this money will be going directly to helping the case. 

Thank you for your support, and please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions about donating!

Update on Bond Hearing

The 5 were supposed to have a bond hearing today, the 15th of June. However, it was confirmed earlier this week that the motion for detention by the government was granted by Judge Dowd. This means Connor, Joshua, Brandon and Tony will remain at NEOCC and Doug will be at Trumbull County until further notice. Though, after visiting with Brandon on Thursday, he still seems to be in high spirits about the case and is trying to stay positive about moving forward. He also wanted to share with everyone that he greatly appreciates peoples letters and expressions of support. It means a lot to him. Another hearing has not been announced until late summer. If any new information is gained, we will post as soon as possible. 

    In Solidarity, 

        Cleveland 5 Support Network