July 2013

Josh's Sentencing

Josh's sentancing has been moved! ( http://pastebin.com/YajbGEXw )

Joshua's sentancing is Sept 26th at 10am infront of Judge Dowd at the Akron court house. He'll need all the support possible, so please attend! Pack the court room!

There will be a meet and greet at 9:30 In front of the court house, and a rally directly after sentencing, also in front of the court house. Make sure to be on time, or they wont let you into the court room.
Please also write the judge before his sentencing date and let him know why Josh should at LEAST get minimal time!
He really needs letters right now!
You can write Josh at
Joshua Stafford #57976-060
2240 Hubbard Road
Youngstown, OH 44505