October 2014

Donation website has switched!

Yesterday (10-9-14) GoFundMe shut down the Cleveland4 donation page. They did allow us to remove what money was left, but told us that we could not reactivate the account. After a few email exchanes with them, we where told why.

So, we are now on Fundrazr! Check out the new donation page here
You can even purchase a comic about the Cleveland4!

UPDATE 10/16/14
Our fundrazr campaign was down for a short time to verify the account and make sure it wasn't fradulent. After a good amount of emailing back and forth, it is back up, and should stay up!

Connor needs your support!

From Connor's sister:
"I just wanted to reach out to everyone regarding Connor. He's going through a rough time right now & he could use some support right now more than ever! These difficult times are when he would appreciate it the most.. He lost one of his absolute best friends while he's in prison... Positive vibes, a letter, a picture, anything!"

From Connor's Mom:
"In 3 months time i had to email Connor twice telling him about the passing of a loved one...first his grandfather, whom he was so very close with and loved immensely. It broke his heart that he never got to see him or hug him again. Then his best friend (and the first friend he made when moving to berea) who was only 22 and this news was especially devastating...i visited Connor this past weekend and it was truly a sad...sad visit...as much as he tried not to weep in a visitation room full of inmates...he could not hold back the tears. There is usually great conversation...lots of laughter...this day there was none of that ...this is a very sad and difficult time for Connor as Brelan has expressed."

Connor Stevens
FCI McKean
PO Box 8000
Bradford, PA 16701

Check out his wish list here