October 2015

A letter from Doug

I'm wanting to update everyone on my situation here in United States Penitentiary - Terre Haute, in Terre Hate, Indiana.
I'm in S.H.U. (Special Housing Unit) AKA "The Hole", again. I'll probably be in here a while, too. USP Terre Haute has a MAJOR problem discriminating against the Muslim population. they just beat up one of my muslim brothers back here in SHU on 9-25. when I came in SHU they gave me a mattress that's only about 1/4 of a mattress thick. Just a small piece of foam. My back is killing me from it, too. I came in SHU Sunday September 20th. The program statement for the mattress is 5270.10 ss 541.31 part "d". If anyone can make it happen, I need a "Noble Quran" (might be spelled Koran). No other Quran.
I also need a massive call-in campaign to target the administration here and BOP central office in Washington D.C. about the discrimination of Muslim inmates and us being given mattresses that don't stand up to BOP policy. I'm going to give the mattress situation until next Friday (October 9th) then I'll begin a hunger strike and will NOT end it until I get a transfer to where I want to go. I have the BOP program statement on hunger strikes. Program statement #5562.05.
Also, they have me and my cellie on a disciplinary segregation range, but neither of us have an incident report and they're keeping my cellie (who has asthma) from posessing his inhalers.
If anyone would like to write me the address here is:

Doug Wright