Brandon, Connor and Doug appeal sentences

On 11/20/12, Judge Dowd handed down sentences for Brandon, Connor and Doug.  The judge departed from the sentencing guidelines, which he called "grotesque."  Doug got 11 1/2 years, Brandon 9 years and 9 months, and Connor 8 years and 1 month.  While these sentences are significantly shorter than the prosecution was seeking, they are almost double what they would have been without the application of the terrorism enhancement.  All three are appealing the judge's decision to apply the terrorism enhancement, and seeking shorter sentences. 

Skelly's trial is still postponed pending mental health evaluation by the BOP.  Please take a moment to write him a short letter - he's completely isolated (no phone calls, no visits, no writing implements) in a remote prison in Massachusetts, and needs your support.

Tony Hayne, the fifth man arrested, who took a cooperating plea deal in July, was sentenced on 11/30 to 6 years.