Good Tidings - Connor

"All Creation bends"

What can i offer
  across this void
  that thirsts endlessly
What will be left
  as a gift
beneath your eyelids?
What is this Abyss
  that cannot be traversed
  even by ten thousand nights
    of weeping?
It would be easier
  to enter Paradise
than to give
you of my
across this hungry void
that swallows up my breath
  and evaporates all tears
That turns ink
into the absence
of light,
And even my blood,
however much i spill,
cannot give you warmth.

And yet, dear
it is to this void
that you give
countless precious hours
When all around you
children's eyes overflow
  with the light of God's Mercy
And how many of us yearn
  for your affection
As all of Creation bends
  in worship to the One,
Who even now Harkens.

It is not too late.

-- -- -- --

"Ten Thousand Suns Are Blooming and We Will Not Go Blind"

-- All Glory is to God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful --


The people of the Book
  die eating bark and shoeleather
in the blackened deserts,
  irrigated with their blood
for to grow phantom buds blooming confusion.

Man-eating, child-molesting adulterous
  locust rain down a buzzing cacaphony
of death
  upon smiling children
 sighing orphans
 praying mothers
 rejoicing believers . . .

The gutters are clogged
  with suicides
and the alleys are
  awash with dream-chasers

Insects devour men
  and water
is more precious
  than blood
And some seem to think
  the taller their buildings
the closer they are to God

And every time the sun
  sets it is as though
God is telling all who may
Hasten unto Me, for
  the Hour is Near.


Surely, the dogs of hell
  have been unleashed
They are pouring the foundations
  for the vile palaces
of the Antichrist.

Enemies of God
  on every side
  throw fuel on the fire
Burning the flesh of believers,
even as they are condemned as infidels.
Everywhere the blind have risen to power.
Witness the signs, dear friends.

There can be no sense
  in reasoning with a hellhound
And so, if God Wills it,
  my words are for those
  who have not yet cast their lot:
Harken to the Supreme Guidance of God
  and His Messenger, Muhammad.

You cannot control the Storm. Not even a little.
  Do not lose yourself in that maddening Abyss.
Hold tight to the Rope of God
  and even if it drives you to starvation,
  deny the hellhounds and their master.


Through the Will of God,
No light shines brighter
  than the smile of a believer
And no river on Earth
  runs deeper
than the love between Muslims.

Verily, what could be greater
  than the Mercy of God?
What could be more worthwhile
  than giving praise
to the One Who has Created Everything?

As the night is stretched thinly
  upon the dry bones of the Earth
the compassion of the Prophet Muhammad
  shines brighter than the full moon
Even this late into the night.

He whoe forgave
  the murderer of his own daughter
He who forgave
  the murderer of his own uncle
He who put forth all that he had
  for his people, the Muslism,
And delivered to the Earth religion perfected
  for all humanity to embrace --
Witness his example! Come closer, all who may see.

Can we claim to know the horrors of the Fire?
  And yet he always greeted us with a smile.
Can we claim to know  the weight of Prophethood?
  And yet he always showed us an overflowing compassion.
Can we claim to know what it is like
  to worship our Lord until our feet swell
    or what it is like to feel the weight of humanity
      bearing down upon us, or the tribulations
of intestines being thrown upon us, being choked and
  cursed and hunted like a wild animal?
And yet, no man in all history proved more pious,
more tolerant, more impactful, than the Prophet Muhammad --
May the Peace and Blessings of God be upon him!

  "I believe, as every Muslim does, that every nation had its superman, the luminary who gave it light, the reformer who inspired it with noble ideas, the Prophet who raised it morally. But Muhammad, may peace and blessings of God be upon him, is par excellence THE PROPHET, because he is the Prophet not of one nation but of all the nations of the world, because it was he who declared belief in all the prophets of the world as an essential of the faith he preached and thus laid down the basis of a lasting peace among different nations, because 'he is the greatest of all reformers,' having brought about a transformation unparalleled either before or after him and, lastly, because 'he is the most successful of all the prophets and religious personalities' (Bosworth Smith). Every man ought to be judged by what he does, and the Holy Prophet Muhammad accomplished within twenty years what centuries of the labours of Jewish and Christian reformers could not accomplish, notwithstanding the temporal power at their back. He swept away centuries-old idolatry, superstition, credulity, ignorance, prostitution, gambling, drinking, oppression of the weak, internecine war and a hundred other evils from a whole country. History cannot show any other reformer who wrought so wonderful and complete a transformation on so large a scale within so short a time. 'Never was reform more hopleless than at the advent of the Prophet,' as Muir has remarked, 'and never was it more complete than when he departed.'  In the words of Carlyle, 'it was a birth from darkness into light.' A life so great cannot be devoid of potentialities as great for the future; it cannot but inspire into any heart the noblest ideas of the service of humanity. If there is any one trait of his character which is more marked than another, it is his care for the orphan and the widow, his support of the weak and the helpless, his love of labour and work for the distressed. It is the life of a man who lived for God and who died for God. 'If ever man on this earth found God, if ever man devoted his life to God's service with a good and great motive, it is certain that the Prophet of Arabia was that man.' (Leonard)."

-- Maulana Muhammad Ali, 1923