Letters of Support Needed

Urgent Request from the Cleveland 4!

Please help us gather letters of support for Brandon, Doug and Connor for their sentencing hearings. We need character letters and letters in support of lenient sentencing. See below for guidelines and more information. Please contact us if you have any questions.
Signed letters are of higher value so please mail your signed letter by Oct.15th to:
Cleveland 4 Justice
att: letter to Judge
P.O. Box 602117
Cleveland, OH 44102
If you cannot mail the letter, please email to cleveland4solidarity@riseup.net
The following elements are suggested for the letters. Obviously, the letters should come from each individual's heart and perspective. 
1. The letters should be addressed to the Honorable David D. Dowd.  In a separate line put Re: <Name of Defendant> Sentencing. They should be given to us for the sentencing memorandum, so no need to put in an address. Do not separately mail! Please write letters for each of the guys separately, not as one letter. 
2. Letters from people who actually have had some personal connection with defendants should speak to their character, talents, accomplishments and value to the world. 
3. Those who don't have the personal connection, but who have followed the case can write from the perspective of a concerned citizen. urging the Judge for leniency given the aggressive role of the FBI in manipulating the conspiracy, the vulnerability, naiveté, and  youth; and, fundamental notions of fairness and justice. Make it clear that a long prison term will not serve any useful purpose for either punishment or deterrence. The five year mandatory term is more than adequate to punish them and send a message that their actions cannot be tolerated. 
3. In the beginning make sure you talk about who you are, what you do, and why you feel you have something important to say. We want letters from all walks of life: family, friends, professionals, activists, clergy, teachers, politicians ( if possible ) artists, celebrities.
4. The letters must be relatively brief. 1-1/2 pages double space. (immediate family perhaps longer).  Remember the judge will be reading these, and he shouldn't have to strain his eyes.  No long political analysis or repetition.
5. Simple sentencing structure. Get to the point. The letters should be respectful, and recognize that the guys made mistakes. DO NOT JUSTIFY THEIR CONDUCT.  Nor should you attack the Government. There is a way of being critical of the tactics in this case, as the lawyers certainly will, without being nasty and condemning. Remember, the letters are to help them get the lowest sentence possible... they are not editorials or opinion pieces.

Guys' full names:

Brandon Baxter
Doug L. Wright
Connor Stevens

Letter example:

We'll be adding a sample letter as soon as we can.