Otra Poemas



i lay with you awhile"

against the world
and we ask ourselves
why it is so cold
in the face of everything
and memories are at war
with my pretending

and yet we plan
to get around
to planning
how to live, again

there is the obvious
the recognition
in my bones that
it doesn't matter

if anything mattered
would it be so much
to wield the power
to say yes

But experience shows
it doesn't matter much
and the answer, a re-
sounding No.

"Conquest was not so much"

having conquered with joy
the fingers, hair
dance in the flames
beneath the ocean

and they will go on dancing
whether or not
this is a prison
or we are alive to believe it

their conquest
was not so much
built on the backs of others
as it was with dancing partners

a freezing wind cuts through
the dark night in the blue city
on a green lake
and at last i am not alone, in your lap.

But i awake
and upon waking
work to forget the past.