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Dear Supporters of Brandon.

Deadline extended to October 10th!

Dear Supporters of Brandon,

Below is information for writing a letter to the President of the United States in support of Brandon Baxter’s clemency petition. Brandon’s current sentence is to serve 9 years and 9 months in prison, to be followed by supervised release for life; his clemency petition will ask that his sentence be commuted to time served in prison, to be followed by supervised release for a maximum of five years.

If you are able to write a supporting letter, please email a scanned copy of the letter (typed and signed) to cleveland4letters@gmail.com by September 20th.  We will pass the letters on to his attorney to submit them with the clemency petition, and you can also let us know if you have any questions that we'll forward to his attorney.

Letter Format
GREETING: Dear President of the United States: BODY OF LETTER:

- Briefly discuss yourself – who you are, your position in work or your role in the community, and any points which could establish your ability to advise the President about why Brandon’s clemency petition should be granted.

- If you know Brandon personally and can offer some personal observations, you will want to mention this in your letter. It would be helpful to include descriptions of Brandon’s character, compassion, integrity, accomplishments, interests, education, family life, interaction with and treatment of other people, and your personal and/or professional relationship with him. Is he compassionate? Generous? Thoughtful towards others? Trustworthy? Hard worker? Good friend? Committed to making the world a better place? Explain why you think this way about him.

- When talking about Brandon and who he is, give SPECIFICS: Don’t just say he’s a good person; discuss the specific things he’s done that make him a good person. Examples or anecdotes which demonstrate who he is are incredibly important to helping develop a better picture of Brandon. You are encouraged to write an honest, straightforward portrait of Brandon. Do not hesitate to write from the heart, and/or emphasize anything you feel is important.

- Explain concrete reasons why Brandon’s sentence should be commuted. Possible things to consider writing about are: Why is his sentence too severe? In what ways has he matured or changed since he was sentenced? What are his plans for his life and helping others after prison? Base the reasons that you explain on your personal knowledge of Brandon and his situation.

A letter from Doug

I'm wanting to update everyone on my situation here in United States Penitentiary - Terre Haute, in Terre Hate, Indiana.
I'm in S.H.U. (Special Housing Unit) AKA "The Hole", again. I'll probably be in here a while, too. USP Terre Haute has a MAJOR problem discriminating against the Muslim population. they just beat up one of my muslim brothers back here in SHU on 9-25. when I came in SHU they gave me a mattress that's only about 1/4 of a mattress thick. Just a small piece of foam. My back is killing me from it, too. I came in SHU Sunday September 20th. The program statement for the mattress is 5270.10 ss 541.31 part "d". If anyone can make it happen, I need a "Noble Quran" (might be spelled Koran). No other Quran.
I also need a massive call-in campaign to target the administration here and BOP central office in Washington D.C. about the discrimination of Muslim inmates and us being given mattresses that don't stand up to BOP policy. I'm going to give the mattress situation until next Friday (October 9th) then I'll begin a hunger strike and will NOT end it until I get a transfer to where I want to go. I have the BOP program statement on hunger strikes. Program statement #5562.05.
Also, they have me and my cellie on a disciplinary segregation range, but neither of us have an incident report and they're keeping my cellie (who has asthma) from posessing his inhalers.
If anyone would like to write me the address here is:

Doug Wright

Remember the dead - Solidarity for the living by Brandon Baxter.

Originally published in Wildfire: Issue 2

Remember the dead - Solidarity for the living by Brandon Baxter.

Every day we spend in these cages is a day of our lives we will never get back. They are limited in the same way that there are only so many fingers on our hands; limbs on our bodies.

  • All the cherished memories we will never have.
  • All the moments we won’t have to hold onto.
  • Each day, a piece of our lives, torn from us, like cutting off our fingers, one knuckle at a time.

The police once killed with impunity. Today they answer to the mob, The People’s Justice.

But the sad reality is that if Michael Brown were arrested and given a life sentence Ferguson would have never burned. He would have been mutilated, one day at a time. No one would have known his name, not even when he died in prison.

As of writing, the oppressed riot in Baltimore over the death of Freddie Gray at the hands of the police. The Left will, as always, attempt to recuperate this momentum. Indeed, I have read articles by these liberals defending looting as a legitimate form of protest.

…of protest…Is that all this is? Demanding reform; police accountability? Is this a problem to be solved by taxing the People hundreds of millions of dollars to put a body camera on every cop on the beat?

That’s the narrative we’re up against. And if the mob isn’t challenged to make a deeper analysis of the web of oppression it’s beginning to fight against, that is the reality we will face: more cops and an even more omnipresent surveillance state.

If Freddie Gray hadn’t died but were sitting in a holding tank, would there be any less reason for what’s taking place in Baltimore today?

  • We must remember the dead. But the living are dying.
  • Every day.
  • Let’s try being a little less reactionary (it makes us predictable, taking away the advantages of spontaneity).

Let us channel this righteous fury into concise decisive strategy in our fight for the living.


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