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July 4th by Colin Stevens (Connor's Brother)

July 4th
Iced tea, propane, tablecloths, salad dressing
The pool, the dogs, some people I think I know
Emptying our pockets to celebrate freedom
The sun shines while our brother sits in prison
Can I celebrate the land that swallows him?
Speak freely and become a target
So we fill our mouths with burger
Sparklers versus assault rifles, body armor
Tanks and helicopters
You would imprison those who only dream of your liberty
Mostly we just sit in silence, bouncing our knees
Imagining what it would be like to bring down the concrete
Like Samson, on top of everyone's heads
Gather your change my fellow Americans
Sow your fields with metal coins
What ransom would you pay
To bring your family together again?

Update on Bond Hearing

The 5 were supposed to have a bond hearing today, the 15th of June. However, it was confirmed earlier this week that the motion for detention by the government was granted by Judge Dowd. This means Connor, Joshua, Brandon and Tony will remain at NEOCC and Doug will be at Trumbull County until further notice. Though, after visiting with Brandon on Thursday, he still seems to be in high spirits about the case and is trying to stay positive about moving forward. He also wanted to share with everyone that he greatly appreciates peoples letters and expressions of support. It means a lot to him. Another hearing has not been announced until late summer. If any new information is gained, we will post as soon as possible. 

    In Solidarity, 

        Cleveland 5 Support Network


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