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open letter v.3.#madworld


open letter v.3.#madworld
May 2, 2013 9:24 AM
an open letter from an anarchist prisoner

May 1, 2013

It has been a year of nightmares, of renewed struggles, of rebirth and mass death. The passage of the seasons and the dreams that come with them revitalize the mysteries of time. One year since i was arrested, i write this letter in the interests of a few brief reflections.

Much has happened in these past twelve months. First and foremost i extend my gratitude to those who have supported my comrades and myself, and to those who continue to do so. Without this support the world would certainly seem a totally dark and lonely place to us. Thanks for a little warmth.
Also i extend my humble gratitude to those supporting political prisoners, prisoners of war, and prisoners in general. May it not be forgotten that when it comes to prison reform, the only acceptable tool is the bulldozer.

"It's about time we stopped acting so reasonable."
~ Arundhati Roy, Democracy Now! interview, March 18, 2013

We are dealing with psychopathic murderers.

They attempt to control the world, and by doing so only bring unnecessary pain and senseless destruction. Even as the hopelessness of our situation becomes more obvious every day, the enemy pursues the same old game of maintaining monopolies on their illusory control -- thinking they can corner the markets of information and violence. With the faith of fanatics they believe their tools will make them exempt from the list of the dead and endangered. When the course of events shows their fanaticism for what it is, they call it an "accident," an "isolated incident." If anyone challenges their self-declared monopolies, they are denounced as terrorists.

"... [P]eople tend to justify whatever affronts they don't avenge ... "
~ Guy Debord, In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni

Letter from Doug


[This letter is from the first week of April, 2013]

I am doing good.  We are in our second week of lock-down.  The whole prison compound is locked down.  I also wanted to tell everyone that has written me, thank you very much.  It has been very helpful during my incarceration to get letters and cards from people that care.  I find it hard to not think about all the people that claimed they were my friends but I have not heard them once since I've gotten locked up.  Also I wanted to address the fact that we can still buy limited items while we're locked down.  Including soap, shampoo, lotion, batteries and stamps.  But get this, we cannot buy paper, pens, pencils, envelopes.  What's good, is being able to buy stamps but not paper, pens or envelope.  So, if I don’t reply to your letters please keep writing cause support through the mail is the only thing helping me get through this.  Please when you write, put the stamp halfway down the envelope so its not marked when it goes through the mail. When we get out of lock-down I'll be able to reply to everyone's letters.  As it is, I'm almost out of paper and my pen is almost dead.

Thanks again


February 28th: Day of Action for Political Prisoner Joshua "Skelly" Stafford


Call CCA Prison Warden to demand proper food rations for Skelly's health.

Skelly is not receiving the amount of food that it is medically documented that he needs. We are organizing a day to have everyone call in and tell the Warden or the Assistant Warden that we know about these needs and that they are not being met.

The call in day will be Thursday February 28, please call anytime between 9am-4pm.

The name of the Assistant Warden is Johnson
The name of the Warden is Pugh

The number for the facility is 330-746-3777, please call, select option "3" (not option 2, as we said earlier) and ask to speak to either the Warden or the Assistant Warden.

Sample Script: Hi my name is _________ and I am calling in regards to prisoner  #57976-060 Joshua Stafford. For medical reasons Joshua needs increased caloric intake, and has yet to be provided with additional food rations. Please address this oversight of Joshua's caloric needs as both his family and friends are concerned about his health and well being.

*** They will tell you that he needs to get the request approved through medical, but this has already happened; the hold up is with the kitchen or the administration.  They will put it on Skelly to talk to medical or his counsellor about it.  We need to remind the prison that it's their responsibility to make sure he's getting the medical care his doctor has recommended. ***


Brandon in the SHU

Brandon is in the SHU at USP Canaan, for a number of bureaucratic reasons.  He'll be there for four to six months.  In the meantime, he wanted to pass along this message:

"If you wrote me before New Years and I haven't replied, chances are I lost your letter on my move to Segregation.  My deepest apologies - I had even begun to write a number of you back."

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