Connor's Wish List

Each of the Cleveland4 have wish lists. This will include books, and news items they would like to hear about. One of the things they constantly stress is that one of the hardest things is feeling disconnected, and they would really like to get news articles, and other things. You can print these at home, or cut up a used newpaper and mail out articles!

Amazon book wish list (By NYC ABC)

Amazon book wish list!

The guys would rather have used books, or books from local book stores and publishers! Books from *PM Press, AK Press, and Little Black Cart would be best. Books do have to be from a publisher, otherwise they will get returned. They can also only be in packages of 3 or less.
Please let us know if you order a book from the amazon wish list off of amazon, so we can take it off of the list!

*Orders from PM Press to any prisoner are 50% off. Make sure you inform them at the time of purchase that its for a prisoner, and that the purchase is addressed to a prisoner.


"How to Get from Here to There," Erhlich (?)
"Towards an anarchist theory of race," Aragorn!
"Beyond Bookchin: Preface for a Future Social Ecology," David Watson


*Energy Revolutions, such as zero-point energy, "the energetic vacuum," nuclear fusion, etc.

*A.I. and robotics

*Geo- and bio-engineering

*Space colonization

*Sustainable technological development (energy, materials, manufacturing, etc.)

*Morphological Field Theory (Sheldrake), and related theories

*Virtual reality, 3D printing, nanotechnology, etc.

*UFOs, ETs and related phenomena