Hello Comrades - From Doug


I found out Friday August 15th that my transfer was denied and BOP headquarters told my unit team not to re-submit it for six months.  So I’m stuck in SHU here in Coleman 1 for six months.  My only chance of moving before then is to get the warden here and at Coleman 2 to accept an inter-complex transfer.  I have been and will continue to press the Captain, warden and associate wardens of this facility and I encourage anyone who will, to call the captains wardens and assistant wardens of both penitentiaries and tell them I should be transferred to Coleman 2.  I am being denied programs and other opportunities because I’m in SHU.  I’m listing the names of each I know below.  Also, at the same time, a letter going to each should help as well.  Thank you for your support.  They took away the book cart so I need a couple of books. I would also like a USA Today subscription.


Doug Wright 57973-060


Ms.  Jarvis –warden pen1
Mr. Lockett –warden pen2
Mr. Behrens –captain pen1
Mr. Blackmon –assistant warden pen1
Ms. Lee –assistant warden pen1

FCC Coleman USP (#1 or #2)
P.O. Box 1023
Coleman FL  33521

-The one’s that designate and made the decision for me to sit here for six months are:

Designation and sentence Computation Center

U.S. Armed Forces Complex
346 Marine Forces Drive
Grand Prairie, TX 7505