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"Is the government unleashing the same methods of entrapment against OWS that it has used against left movements and Muslim-Americans?" Arun Gupta investigates this question, and talks with people close to the case of the Cleveland 5. OWS
Lisa Fithian gives her personal account of working in activist communities with an FBI informant.
Waging Non-Violence: People-Powered News and Analysis A well-researched article linking the Cleveland 5 and the NATO 3 (in Chicago) to prior cases involving FBI entrapment and infiltration. infiltrators, FBI entrapment, NATO 3, cleveland 5, historical, pattern
Anarchist News Beautiful, emotional post on Anarchist News about the character of the Cleveland 5 and their community here in Cleveland. Also an appeal to keep an eye out for and support anyone in your community who may be susceptible to influence of infiltrators and informants. cleveland 5, community, infiltrators, emotional, local response, friends, family
Connor Stevens at an Occupy Cleveland event, speaking on non-violence and how it is the most effective tactic. Connor Stevens, Non-violence, cleveland 5, video
Article which highlights Connor Stevens and his commitment to art and the Cleveland community. Connor, Stevens, Connor Stevens, Cleveland, Poetry, Poet
This article delves deeper into how the Cleveland 5 interacted with the FBI informant, and presents a unique perspective on the issue. Cleveland 5, FBI Brainwashing, Historical Present
The New York Times David K. Shipler, Pulitzer Prize winning author, discusses in-depth the pattern of FBI "stings" days before the accused were arrested as a product of such an operation. FBI, Comparative Analysis
Rolling Stone Rick Perlstein of Rolling Stone examines a number of FBI "sting operations" including the Cleveland 5 and discusses the legal system's treatment of the accused. Investigative, FBI, Comparative Analysis