Connor Stevens

An Open Letter to the FBI, by Connor Stevens

Written on July 4th, 2017


Explosions ripple across the republic and celebrations crowd the streets. In this patriotic orgy, one must ask: how many actually know the history of this nation? How many actually know the Constitution of the United States of America? How many know the Bill of Rights?

Over five years ago, the FBI oversaw the entrapment operation which led to my imprisonment and subsequent sentence of eight years plus lifetime probation. There are three others who received comparable sentences. In the course of this operation, the FBI violated the heart and letter of the Constitution and even broke your own rules. I know J. Edgar Hoover would be proud. Nevermind what the Founders would think. And we all know that basic human decency is just another casualty in your endless war of terror.

You do not really know me. But I know you pretty well. The all-American storm troopers simply following orders. Your masters directed you to undermine the Occupy movement, which was up to that point the greatest democratic movement in more than a generation. You were directed to target and demonize anarchists, and you obliged your masters.

I know this about FBI tactics: they include lying. Things like telling the grand jury whatever you need to, and then having no problems contradicting yourself later if expedient. And altering the transcripts of recordings to fit your pathetic narratives. The FBI doesn’t pay all that well, so I must assume that you actually believe you are fighting for your nation, even as you obliterate the ideals this nation was founded upon, and lock up the youth of this republic.

Here in prison, I have a lot of time to reflect. I have often wondered how you live with yourselves.

You undermine the Bill of Rights and destroy lives for a living. And yet, to you, I am a terrorist. I, who take as sacred those three concepts: Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity. I, who believe wholeheartedly that all are entitled to the pursuit of happiness. I, who worked my hands in the ill soil of the city to grow food, and worked to feed the poor. I am not pure or innocent. I have done too much damage to loved ones and the world around me. But my sins do not even approach the terror that you have brought into this world.

Do your dreams haunt you as my dreams haunt me?

I know that FBI agents are just pawns in their game. I know that if it wasn’t you, someone just like you would be in your place.

Connor Stevens transferred to FCI McDowell

After a long transfer process of moving through USP Atlanta and FtC Oklahoma City, Connor has arrived at his new designation - FCI McDowell in West Virginia. So far he is doing well with settling in at his new location, and he's looking forward to sharing more of his writing soon. Please show Connor support through this transitional time in whatever ways you're able to.

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"Prison Room Mail Worker Blues"

By: Connor Stevens

every day of my life (sometimes even Sundays)

“the children can’t wait to hear from you. I’ll be waiting every day for your call”
“we both know you’re innocent – just hold in there, God will straighten this out”
“the bills keep stacking up & I don’t know how much longer I can go on Feeding the kids. Don’t mean to make it worse.”
“hey sweet thing, hopefully you’ll get transferred to somewhere we can get closer at…”
“you fucked up your life for 8 years but that wasn’t enough – now you’re dragging me & the kids into this?!”
“don’t blame me, and don’t expect to receive another letter. Don’t bother calling”
“I wish I could talk to you right now and be with you”
“do you know what time it is?”
“if you are the dreamer, I am what you dream”
“You’re easily one of the best dudes I’ve ever known. And I mean that. I really do.”
“”I hope you know you are not alone. I have heard from people all over the country who know for a fact you are all innocent and were framed by the FBI… Dare to struggle.”
“I only know you by the way you prayed in the Lodge. I know of your desire for a better world… your heart is good…you have suffered the pain from our collective world…choose that love & courage… make room…”
“The sun just slipped behind a cloud & it makes me wonder if you even have a window…”
“There is a crescent moon that’s almost blood red”

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