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January 9, 2014

Hello Comrades,

Well, its been a while since ive written anything but here it is.

Ive been in united states penitentiary Hazelton for a year now.  I had what the BOP calls a "management variable" on me (to be able to bring me to a penitentiary).  My management variable expired and so I had my review and my case manager put me in for a transfer to a medium security prison.  The BOP headquarters had other plans for me.  They put a new management variable on me for two more years.  So I have to go another two years without a shot (incident report),  to be able to go to a medium.  It is almost impossible to go without a shot for three years.  Well, Im probably going to be in pens for my whole sentence, so I figured I should start writing a lot more.  The worst that could happe is getting transfered to a CMU (communication management unit) in either Terre Haute Indiana or Marion Illinois. 

On Tuesday January 7th someone got stabbed in my unit.  It was the worst on that ive seen so far since ive been here, so we're currently locked down. 

The food that they give us during lockdown is a complete joke.  At lunch they're supposed to give us a hot sandwitch (normally gas station type hamburgers) and today the ones we recieved were still completely frozen.  We're supposed to get four slices of bread for lunch with pb&j and four slices for dinner with lunch meat.  Since we've been locked down we've only gotten three slices each for each of those meals.  This place is run so fucked up for the past few weeks.  Before we got locked down Ive been trying to get new clothes because every twelve months they are supposed to give you new clothes and they are refusing to give me them.  All of my socks have holes in them.  Last night it was -10 degrees outside and the air coming out of the vents was blowing cold air.  The walls here are concrete with no insulation.  Please write me.

Doug Write 57973-060
USP Hazelton
P.O. Box 2000
Bruceton Mills WV 26525


Also, I now have the ABC cross on my arm.  I took a pic of it, but the cops took it.

Letter from Doug


[This letter is from the first week of April, 2013]

I am doing good.  We are in our second week of lock-down.  The whole prison compound is locked down.  I also wanted to tell everyone that has written me, thank you very much.  It has been very helpful during my incarceration to get letters and cards from people that care.  I find it hard to not think about all the people that claimed they were my friends but I have not heard them once since I've gotten locked up.  Also I wanted to address the fact that we can still buy limited items while we're locked down.  Including soap, shampoo, lotion, batteries and stamps.  But get this, we cannot buy paper, pens, pencils, envelopes.  What's good, is being able to buy stamps but not paper, pens or envelope.  So, if I don’t reply to your letters please keep writing cause support through the mail is the only thing helping me get through this.  Please when you write, put the stamp halfway down the envelope so its not marked when it goes through the mail. When we get out of lock-down I'll be able to reply to everyone's letters.  As it is, I'm almost out of paper and my pen is almost dead.

Thanks again


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