ideas for fundraising

A big THANK YOU to our supporters!

Hello wonderful, amazing, activists, supporters, friends and family. I am very pleased today to announce that we have raised a total of $ 6,135.00 in donations to our legal fund!!! Thank you all who donated or called friends and family to help our fundraising campaign. Congratulations!!! 

Unfortunately, we are still quite a long ways away from our fundraising goals. The first step is still raising $20, 000 to retain Cleveland lawyer Terry Gilbert. We will be continuing our fundraising after this for further lawyer, investigator, specialist, and court fees. We raised over $6, 000 in one week! Lets keep it up, and top this week with last week. 

Wondering how you can help? Donate! Can't donate? That's okay too. Organize your own fundraiser! Some ideas for fundraising are throwing a benefit dinner/potluck with your friends, organizing a dance party, throwing a concert, and asking your friends and families for support. 

The 5 still would love visitors and letters - the more love they get, the better! See the "Support" section for more information. 

Thanks, love, and solidarity, 

A. Lee & Cleveland 5 Support Network

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