Letter from Doug


[This letter is from the first week of April, 2013]

I am doing good.  We are in our second week of lock-down.  The whole prison compound is locked down.  I also wanted to tell everyone that has written me, thank you very much.  It has been very helpful during my incarceration to get letters and cards from people that care.  I find it hard to not think about all the people that claimed they were my friends but I have not heard them once since I've gotten locked up.  Also I wanted to address the fact that we can still buy limited items while we're locked down.  Including soap, shampoo, lotion, batteries and stamps.  But get this, we cannot buy paper, pens, pencils, envelopes.  What's good, is being able to buy stamps but not paper, pens or envelope.  So, if I don’t reply to your letters please keep writing cause support through the mail is the only thing helping me get through this.  Please when you write, put the stamp halfway down the envelope so its not marked when it goes through the mail. When we get out of lock-down I'll be able to reply to everyone's letters.  As it is, I'm almost out of paper and my pen is almost dead.

Thanks again


A Message From Brandon (transcribed)

A Message from the Belly of the Beast
Jun 24

Thank you everyone for your support and solidarity. Your contributions to our commisary fund and our legal fund are very much appreciated. Without your donations I wouldnt have been able to afford the paper I wrote this "thank you" on, or the postage to send it back home! your contributions have made it possible for me and my comrades to communicate with our friends, family, lawyers, support group, and a couple of publishers to request literature. I've also been buying coffee so I can stay up all night doing legal work, going through OVER 60 HOURS of FBI transcripts. I've also bought some hygiene items so I don't stink out my cellmate. The state is providing our court appointed legal team with very limited funds to do research, hire experts, print transcripts- the logistics of the entire defense, more or less. So your contributions to our legal fund may very well make the difference in us obtaining our freedom or spending our lives within the confines of the prison industrial complex. You are forever within our hearts. 

                                                   Forever in Love and Solidarity,
                                                      Brandon "Scavil" Baxter

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