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"The Plot Against Occupy"

This week, Sabrina Rubin Erdely's article "The Plot Against Occupy" was published on Rolling Stone's website.  We are thankful to Rolling Stone and Sabrina Rubin Erdely for running an article which brings information about this case into the public spotlight.  This case reflects some critical trends in law enforcement practices that have a significant bearing on our political landscape, and it's important that we are looking at these phenomena publically.  Erdely also takes a stab at making sense of how these five guys could be convinced to participate in this potentially murderous act, and we appreciate her wanting to tell a story about these guys that puts this act they're accused of in context.  However, beyond providing back story, the work goes astray as it enters into the realm of creative fiction, putting words into the guys' mouths and feelings into their hearts and presenting this as an authentic retelling of facts.

Report on Shaquille Azir

A report on Cleveland's Channel 5 News, reporting on Shaquille Azir, the FBI's informant. Brandon's attorney, John Pyle, speaks about the FBI's orchestration of the case, calling it a "genuine entrapment case."

Support growing for the Cleveland 5 across the Country!

Hello wonderful local, national, and international supporters of the Cleveland 5!!!

We have been getting amazing support from news outlets, blogs, and organizations across the country! Several groups are sharing the story of the Cleveland 5 with their networks to ask for support and donations. Check out the MEDIA COVERAGE section to see some of the new articles. If you would like information to share with your local community, please contact us (info on how in the SUPPORT page). In other great news, the Bay Area ABC is re-posting content from the Cleveland 5 Justice website to share with their community. Thanks Bay Area ABC!!! Our love and gratitude to you. Check it out here:

We still need lots of support from the National Community. We have raised over $6, 000.00, but need to get to AT LEAST $60,000 ASAP to hire lawyers, Para-legals, investigators, audio experts, and other specialists! Please check out our SUPPORT section to donate, or for ideas for fundraising in your hometown!

The 5 still need letters of support, information, news, whatever you can send them! Here's some ideas: Send photos of your group that is throwing a fundraiser! Send photos of what your local occupation is doing! Send poetry! Send recent news and blog articles! Send jokes! Send bed time stories! Even if you never met any of the Cleveland 5, they would love to hear from you. See how in the SUPPORT section. And while you're there, donate to their Commissary fund, so they have paper and stamps to send you a letter back. All 5 need support and love, but Anthony and Joshua have gotten the least letters and visits :( Lets change this!

We're still currently working on posting more legal documents and information on how hearings are going. Stay tuned! More letters from the 5 on their way. 

LOTS OF LOVE AND SOLIDARITY!!                                              

-Cleveland 5 Support Network

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