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Happy Birthday to Skelly!

Skelly's 29th birthday is coming up soon on October 3rd! Please take a moment to send him a card with happy birthday wishes to help him to know that people are thinking of him. You can also order him a book from his wish list here, which he would really appreciate. Finally, if you'd like to make a special birthday donation to his commissary fund, you can find the information about how to do so here. Thank you so much for continuing to support Skelly and the rest of the Cleveland 4!

Happy Birthday, Skelly!

Skelly will be turning 26 soon! We would love to get him as many cards and support as possible for his birthday!

You can write Skelly at;
(Cards cant have any glitter, glue, or other things that are similar. Just basic card stock, that can have print on it)

Joshua Stafford
USP Tucson
P.O. BOX 24550
Tucson, AZ 85734

He has a wish list here
If you would like to send him money for his birthday so he can buy food and other things, the info to send money is here

There is also a facebook event for his birthday!

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